Rainforest investments & Global Forest participations

Pls. Read and learn more about our highly recommended business partners for your private choice investment in Rainforest assets + Global Forest participations, e.g. natural reforestation and precious wood plantations in LatAm (winner of the Brazilian BUSINESS ANGELS ® Award [best GreenBiz Investment 2011 + best performance 2012]: The German GLOBAL FOREST projects in PY-LatAm:  http://www.Global-Forest.net  +  http://Global-Forest.eu


About RealConsult

"We make money the old fashioned way: WE EARN it - but in a natural way." (BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹) German Executive Consultants in LatAm offer intermediation in business and in external affairs, and a wide range of fiduciary services for companies and private investors from abroad; special projects and aditional benefits for Social Entrepreneurs at BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ (Social Entrepreneurs: BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ https://plus.google.com/+RalfAntoniusLOHAUS/posts/HD6WvnraL6t ) Whois – in general: REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA é uma empresa Brasileira em São Paulo Capital, que atua com executivos parceiros e equipes universitários no Brasil e no exterior Europeu desde 1999. REAL CONSULT fornece serviços e soluções de alto padrão, basicamente como consultoria empresarial. Specials & benefits: ■ Management and Executive Search Consultants ■ Interim management; intermediation in business and in external affairs ■ LOHAUS & LOHAUS™ Executive Search Partners (since 1988 in Germany) ■ SME/ local start-ups, social projects and Real Estate/ participations for investors from abroad ■ Investors´ VISA+/ Residence Permit in Brazil + LatAm ■ companies formation and offshore solutions for entrepreneurs (worldwide) ■ Executive Committee (chair) at BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ ■ Founding member at *¹ BUSINESS ANGELS FOUNDATION, London - UK BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ Social entrepreneurs and private investors São Paulo Capital, Brazil http://BusinessAngels.com.br, *¹ BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil - all rights reserved by REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA./ SP-Brazil Phone Brazil: +55-11-3280.1100 Mobile Germany/Europe: +49-157-5563.6918 Sjype-ID: “ realconsult.com.br “ private Blog: http://VISA-in-Brazil.blogspot.com
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