How to start OWN BUSINESS without any money in your hand?

How to start OWN BUSINESS without any money in your hand?

The BUSINESS ANGELS FOUNDATION (London, UK) and Social Entrepreneurs at BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ support people in the need of help to start their own business or local projects and SME/ start-ups.

Many people want to be independent and “back in business”, where ever they are in life… If you are one of them, then just send us an email with details about you and your local project & planings. We will get back to you within 5 to 8 working days. Thank you.

We offer sponsored grants or funds for pre-selected projects and professional consulting or personal assistance in case of necessity.


P.S.: “We make money the old fashioned way: We earn it … but in a natural way.” (BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil *¹ )



Kind regards,



Charity /NGO (non-profit)

London W1B 3HH – United Kingdom





*¹ BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil *¹

Social Entrepreneurs & private investors


*¹ ® BUSINESS ANGELS is a registered trade mark in Brazil ;  all rights reserved by:

REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA.

01319-000 São Paulo, SP – Brazil


Phone Brazil: +55-11-3280.1100

Mobile Brazil: +55-13-99612.3000

x Germany: +49-157-5563.6918


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About RealConsult

"We make money the old fashioned way: WE EARN it - but in a natural way." (BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹) Whois – in general: REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA é uma empresa Brasileira em São Paulo Capital, que atua com executivos parceiros e equipes universitários no Brasil e no exterior Europeu desde 1999. REAL CONSULT fornece serviços e soluções de alto padrão, basicamente como consultoria empresarial. Specials & benefits: "Plan-B" - but OUTSIDE the EURO Zone! Nowadays in GERMANY there are important financial, social/ economical and political facts to invest just in own business and in real assets - but OUTSIDE the EURO Zone! German executive consultants in Latin América provide hand-made solutions for private investors and entrepreneurs from abroad. Additional benefits: Tax-optimized returns, personal assistance, confidential transfers and possibilities to apply for an investors´ VISA+/ resident permit in Brazil and in other LatAm countries. Portfolio: Tailored business and confidential intermediation in external affairs for business owners and open-minded entrepreneurs from abroad, pre-selected early-bird investments, e.g. Real Estate opportunities inside most vibrant mega cities in Brazil, and a wide range of fiduciary services in LatAm. Inquiries are most welcome in German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Please do not hesitate to contact for a personal meeting. In case of urgency please call Mr Lohaus directly for a personal meeting in Brazil (+55- 11-3280.1100) or in Germany (+49-177-410.1096 and +49-160-128.0808). Email: P.S.: "Altes Geld arbeitet diskret“, sagt man. Uebrigens: WIR auch. (Ralf Antonius Lohaus) [People say: "Old money works discreetly." Incidentally, we also do.] REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA. 01319-000 São Paulo, SP - Brazil HOME: Phone São Paulo, SP - Brazil: (+55) 11-3280.1100 Mobile phone Santos, SP - Brazil: (+55) 13-99612.3000 Mobile phone Germany / Europe: (+49) 177-410.1096 Skype-ID: “ realconsult. com. br “ " NON MIHI SED POSTERIS " - Real Assets and own business, but OUTSIDE the EURO Zone: Http:// ■ LOHAUS & LOHAUS™ Executive Search Partners (since 1988 in Germany) ■ Investors´ VISA+/ Residence Permit in Brazil + LatAm ■ companies formation and offshore solutions for entrepreneurs (worldwide) ■ Executive Committee (chair) at BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil*¹ Social entrepreneurs and private investors from abroad São Paulo Capital, Brazil, *¹ BUSINESS ANGELS ® Brazil - all rights reserved by REAL CONSULT Lohaus e Partners LTDA./ SP-Brazil Phone Brazil: +55-11-3280.1100 Mobile Germany/Europe: +49-177-410.1096 Sjype-ID: “ “ private Blog:
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